VEGF ELISA-how to treat 10% FBS media sample?

Ambal ambal at
Sun Aug 10 09:22:55 EST 1997

Dear Dr. Siping Yang,
	I have had some experience of doing ELISA for VEGF for the last 2-3
years. In my experience, fetal bovine serum (FBS), as well as any
other animal serum, contains large amounts of VEGF.  I have been
forced to use serum-free media for estimating VEGF in culture media.
It is also useful to estimate VEGF in all the materials added to the
serum free media, since I have discovered that transferrin and insulin
obtained from animal sources are contaminated with VEGF.

ziping at (Ziping Yang) wrote:

>Does anybody out there have experience on measuring VEGF or similar
>cytokines using ELISA techniques? We try to use double antibody Sandwich
>ELISA to measure VEGF antigen level in culture media which is a 10% FBS DME
>media. Our problem is   the fresh media without adding vegf protein as a
>negative control always give high OD reading. Does anybody know how to
>treat media sample? or  does the 10% FBS in culture media have high VEGF
>protein level in nature? Any clue will be appreciated.

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