Integrating Alignments (postscript) into Word

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Mon Aug 11 12:29:56 EST 1997

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>Hi experts!
>Has anyone yet tried to integrate a box-shaded alignment into a word 
>I processed a *.msf file with boxshade, resulting in a postscript 
>file. Now I want to get this stuff into a word for windows document.
>Since Word doesn't support *.ps input, I tried two different ways:
>1) I used ghostscript to convert it into a 300*300 dpi *.gif file. I 
>was able to import this into word, but the printout on a HPLJ4L was 
>not satisfying. The letters were not very good reproduced.
>2) I imported the *.ps into CorelDraw and pasted it then as Corel 
>Draw Object into Winword. Now the 200k *.ps has ended up in a 1.6 Meg 
>word document (for one half of a page!!), but the result is ok when 
>Has anyone found another way to overcome this problem, esp. 
>decrasing the *.doc file size (compressing is good for transport, 
>but bad for handling, also the processing of the embedded corel draw 
>data need lots of time even on a P120/32M machine)? I don't have 
>access to a postscript-printer unfortunately. Will creating a word 
>document for the alignment (and importing it at the time of printing 
>into the central document) be the only solution? 
>Any suggestions are welcome!
>Do it with a chemist!
>Wolfgang Schechinger         
>University of Tuebingen
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>This is *NO* joke.

Hi, Wolfgang!

I had similar problems and solved them by a PS-Printer :-), but I think there is a way for you as 
well: as I imagine you work with GCG or a similar package capable of producing *.ps files as well 
as other files: there is no doubt the option for a *.hgl file format (HPGL plotter language) 
which can be converted easily into WinWord format, and ther emay be the option for a *.gif output 
as well. Converting the *.ps by Coreldraw and paste into WinWord is certainly the simplest (and 
yet somehow annoying) solution. If you have further questions (or if you just like to chat) fell 
free to remail to me (I am a native german speaker).


(in Eglish: hi from vienna, Harald)

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