wizard prep'ed DNA

Jennifer Broderick info at MansfieldWeb.com
Mon Aug 11 14:43:24 EST 1997

Sophie Snitkovsky wrote:
> hello,
>         i'm doing maxi preps of dna to use it for transfection of
> mammalian cells.  i have been using LiCl/PEG preps before but they aren't
> working great for me now. so i'm just wondering if anybody have used dna
> purified using wizard system for transfection?
> thanks,
> sophie
Dear Sophie,
We thought that the Wizard preps would be a better product than the
Qiagen preps which had served us well for several years. The yields from
the wizard preps turned out to be highly inconsistant and some times I'd
end up with nothing at all after several precipitations and spins. I
recommend the Qiagen tips  for the more reliable yield and the fact that
they are not labor intensive. The wizard perps require syringes to blow
the columns out and it really cuts in to your ability to do several
things at once when you have to stand at the bench and use a  clean
syringe for each sample.I recommend that you do a CsCl gradient on your
qiagen prep DNA if you plan to save it longer than a week. I have had
preps that degrade after a few weeks, so I always run a bit on a gel to
make sure it has not degraded before I transfect.

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