Ion-exchange chromatography

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> Hi friends!
> I am having problems with Haemophilus influenzae porin purifications
> with 
> DEAE columns. The protein leaves the columns just after the injection
> and 
> before the gradient starts. I guess it could be due to the column bad
> state, although I am not sure. If it is the case, is it possible to
> regenerate the column?

-- You can easily regenerate DEAE either its A-50 Sephadax or Cellulose.
With A-50 just wash the column with low salt buffer and equillibrate. With 
Cellulose you may have to wash the resin with 0.1M HCl once,
3-4 washes with deionized water then a wash with 0.1M NaOH, and lastly 5-6
times wash away the alkalie so that the pH comes down to 7-8. Then 
equillibrate the resin with desired low salt buffer and pack the column.

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