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>I am currently using FMC Seakem standard gelling agarose, but I am
>wondering if anyone has some suggestions on some other less expensive
>sources of standard melting agarose.  I need to find a cheaper all purpose
>agarose.  I would appreciate any help you could give.  Thanking you in
>Mike S.

You could save money by re-using it - assuming that it is being used mostly
for analytic gels..

I used to pour gels with a comb inserted at both ends.  The first comb was
loaded and the gel run as normal (with EtBr in the gel and buffer).  After
photographing, the gel is returned to the tank, and run backwards for a few

Next time a gel is needed, use the second set of wells.  Run the gel far
enough for the first set of DNA to run back to the first set of wells, past
them, and off the gel.

Repeat indefinitely (or until you trash the wells), using fresh buffer
quite frequently and rinsing the wells with a pasteur before each use.


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