Fusion Protein Folding Question??

MIke Mike at ncsu.edu
Tue Aug 12 13:50:05 EST 1997

Hi there,

I am constructing fusion proteins for use in the 2-hybrid system.  My
question is about the affect of intervening sequence between the two
proteins (e.g. parts of the polylinker left in between).  I imagine
that some sequence might be detrimental (cause interference), some
might have no affect at all, and some might actually be beneficial.  
Is it possible that intervening sequence can be designed such that it
is unlikely to have much structure of its own or interact with
residues belonging to the desired fusion protein?  If so, could this
create a buffering effect that could reduce interference between the
two desired portions of the fusion protein?   

Any literature on this subject?

-Mike Faughn
NCSU dept. Genetics

mike at ncsu.edu
mike at ncsu.edu 


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