PCR hoods to avoid contamination?

Guy A. Hoelzer hoelzer at med.unr.edu
Wed Aug 13 13:18:29 EST 1997

After a long period of good karma, my lab has run into the inevitable
problem of PCR contamination showing-up in our water controls.  I realize
that there are many potential sources for the contamination, and we are in
the midst of screening some of them in hope of identifying the culprit
quickly.  In the meantime, I am interested in the value of obtaining a
benchtop PCR workstation.  What I have in mind is a small, economical,
enclosed hood.  I would prefer one that includes UV bulbs.  If you have
any experience with such an apparatus, I would appreciate your comments. 
Which apparatus have you used (which company?)?  Did it make a big
difference?  How much does it cost?  Was it worth the price?

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