Low Fluorescence DNA Gels

WSchick at aol.com WSchick at aol.com
Wed Aug 13 08:12:04 EST 1997

Subject: low fluorescence gels

We are debating the ultimate sensitivity that one can detect DNA by EtBr or
SYBRgreen staining, and think the limitation is from the gel background or
absorption rather than the detection method.

The AlphaInnotech ChemiImager, by cooling a CCD chip to -40 deg C. in the
camera, can detect about 200 to 500 fold lower concentration of  DNA on
chemiluminescent blots than an uncooled camera.  But the fluorescence
detection from DNA agarose gels is only marginally improved with cooling.  Is
the gel itself limiting the detection?

What other media can we use that would have lower UV interference than
agarose?  Or are there purer agaroses that would permit lower than 0.1ng DNA
detection?  Could the gel be treated in some way?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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