ABI 310 genetic analyser

daniellh at biovax.leeds.ac.uk daniellh at biovax.leeds.ac.uk
Wed Aug 13 06:39:31 EST 1997

Hi,  I've used both the 373A and the 310. The 310 is great as there's no gel
pouring envolved; the samples run on a column. The sequncing takes longer
because they're analysed one at a time. It takes about 90 minutes for a 200bp
fragment. But you can load the machine with a 96 or 48 well plate, so you can
leave the machine over the weekend, and have lots of results without having
to come in and load another 24 well gel, which is the case for the 373.
The software is much more user friendly than the 373, and it's easy to 
switch to the genescan option, for sizing repeats and things. Finally, you
load half the amount of sample, so it saves money in the long run. We've
found the 310 very reliable and efficient, and I can definitely recommend it.
Dani. e-mail: meddh at medphysics.leeds.ac.uk

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