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>>I'm having a few problems with my PCR protocol, and I've heard that
>>having *too many* dNTPs can inhibit the reaction.  I was wondering what the
>>reason for that would be.
>>Any thoughts?
>dNTPs bind Magnesium stoiochiometrically. Taq polymerase needs free Mg++ as
>a cofactor. Typically with 0.m8M dNTPs and 1.5 mM, there is 0.7mM free
>Mg++. (actually a bit less as the DNA binds some too). If you were to
>double the dNTPs, there would be no free Mg++.

Although true, not the complete story.  Taq is inhibitted by concentrations
of dNTPs over 0.2 mM final concnetration, independent of magnesium
concentration.  I don't know the mechanism, but increasing dNTP
concentration above that level relaly kills the yield.

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