Cannot locate herring sperm DNA

William Driscoll driscoll at
Thu Aug 14 16:53:03 EST 1997

Since I've heard this to be a relatively common reagent, this is probably 
will seem like a silly question but...

I want to use herring sperm DNA as a blocking reagent in a Northern 
Blot using a biotin labled 40mer oligo probe, but I cannot locate it 
in the normal catalogs I use: Sigma, Fisher, Clonetech, BioRad, Pharmacia.  
So my question is:  Other than the obvious place (meaning go catch a 
herring and get a sample of its sperm) where does one obtain herring sperm

Please email responses instead of posting; since I don't get to check news 
as much as I'd like and I might miss a post. My address is:
driscoll at

Thanks in advance,

driscoll at

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