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Thu Aug 14 14:39:47 EST 1997

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	"Betsy L. Alberty" <alsbyte1 at> wrote:

>Mathias Drexler wrote:
>> The program OLIGO (look at provides you with
>> routines for primersearch (probes, sequencingprimers) and calculation of
>> PCR. It does checks for  multiplexing, compatibility, dimerization etc.
>> We had good experiences, even for design of IsoCR.
>You might want to also take a look aat HYBsimulator software.  All the
>ability of *oligo* at a *much* more reasonable price.  Info and
>downloadable demo at

Okay, I wasted my time going to the site with the intention of downloading
the demo, trying it out, and considering purchasing it "at a much more
reasonable price". Whoa, Betsy Alberty did not mention that the downloadable
demo is $298, just so you can see if you wish to purchase the $998 software

I feel that this was deceptive, and just the kind of thing that gets
everybody so riled up about business interaction on bionet. 

No sale!

Mike MacDonell

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