PCR purification KITS: Best one??????

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> Can anyone help me... I am at that point. I perform PCR reactions and I
> get one specific product. I have used the Qiagen clean up kit, the
> Geneclean Kit, and I have done a good ol ammonium acetate precipitation.
> What I see is conversion to what presumably is a single stranded form. I
> have repeated the purification and I get the same result consistently. I
> rang the Qiagen reps and they told me that for DNA that has some unique
> characteristic (such as high A+T content), there is some conversion to a
> single stranded form. I am having an immense amount of trouble with it.
> I am also wasting a lot of time with trouble shooting this problem which
> exists for 4 independent PCR reactions.
> Has anyone any suggestions that may be of some help. I do not know what
> to do...

I routinely isolate the desired PCR product by agarose gel
electrophoresis and excision of the appropriate band. AGE is required
because other minor, non-desirable products are produced by PCR. The
product is then extracted from the agarose using a gel extraction kit
from Qiagen. The couple of occasions that PCR has produced a single
product I cleaned the DNA up by phenol/chloroform extraction and
precipitation in ice-cold isopropyl alcohol. DNA was pelleted,  dried
and resuspended in sterile milliQ-water. The PCR product was suitably
clean for sub-cloning into an appropriate vector.

I hope this helps.
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