Mikhail Alexeyev malexeye at JAGUAR1.USOUTHAL.EDU
Fri Aug 15 11:22:18 EST 1997

N. kaushik wrote:
>Is anyone there using "SAGE"(Science,1995 270:484-86) to monitor
>the gene expression. Any kind of help/suggestions will be
>appreciated as well as detial protocol/improvement in the
>existed one.

Although I never used this technique before, I hope that some day I can
afford amount of sequencing it calls for :).  My suggestion would be to
look up

Wan J.S. et al.  Cloning differentially expressed m-RNAs.  Nature
Biotechnology V.14 p.1685.(1996)

They made side-by-side comparison of subtractive hybridization,
differential display and electronic subtraction (SAGE) against each
other and gave preference to differential display.

In any event, good luck.


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