RNase inhibitor - thermostability?

Ronald Meis techhelp at msn.fullfeed.com
Fri Aug 15 18:10:45 EST 1997

In article <33F20629.5EA4 at swipnet.se>, bjornrosen at swipnet.se wrote:

> The RNA extraction protocol ends with an incubation at 60 degrees
> centrigrade. ... My worry is that the RNase inhibitor denatures during
> the incubation and that RNases revive when the temperature is lowered.
> The RNase inhibitor used is Perkin Elmer's P/N N808-0119.
> Does anyone know?
> Thanks, Bjorn

The Organization line in your message header reads:PE Applied Biosystems.
Perchance would PE Applied Biosystems have the relevent information on
PE's P/N N808-0119 that you are looking for?  ;-)

Ronald Meis
techhelp at msn.fullfeed.com

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