Method/Company for Grams of plasmid?

Ed Dunphy ejdunphy at
Fri Aug 15 16:32:54 EST 1997


I need to scale up my work soon and I'll need gram quantities of the
plasmids that I'm using.  Presently I'm using a Maniatis method of alkali
lysis on 500mL cultures, followed by PEG precipitation.  I've also tried
some of the company stuff out there, but it gets expensive.  I have access
to a pilot plant that can grow up 60 Liters of bacteria for me, but I'm
not sure how well the method of purification holds up when scaled up so

Any suggestions?

Also, I'm curious if anybody knows of a company that does very-large scale
plasmid preps FOR you.  Not to be lazy or anything, but it would be a
great time-saver.


Ed Dunphy

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