What is the average microinjection volume.

Ole Gjoerup ovg at biobase.dk
Fri Aug 15 07:13:35 EST 1997

Jeff Firman (jfirman at umabnet.ab.umd.edu) wrote:

: Hello,

: 	We are microinjecting single cells and would like to know if
: anyone has measured the volume of a single microinjection.  Any references
: would also be appreciated. 

: Thanks,

: Jeff

Appr. 1-2x10E-11 ml per cell. This is what it says in Meth. Enzymol. p.
167 chapter on 'Microinjection of Epitope-tagged Rho family cDNA's and
analysis by immunolabeling'. Sorry I don't have the volume #.

Hope it helps.

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