Shake Flask and Fermenter (T7 promoter system)

Yeon Chul Kim e_yckim at
Sun Aug 17 19:00:50 EST 1997

Hi !!

For protein production, a recombinant plasmid is transferred to BLR
strains which are sold by Novagen.
I used BLR(DE3) and BLR(DE3)[pLysS].
In shake flask, the protein are produced successfully in both strains.
In fermenter, I achieved ca. OD600 = 200 using BLR(DE3), and protein
was produced at 30% of total cell protein.  But, when I used
BLR(DE3)[pLysS], the cell was not grown in fermenter (OD= 0.3).
I tried 3 times.
In shake and fermenter, I added Amp and Tet.
Do you have same experience?
Or do you have some comment?
Please help me..
Thank you in advance.

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