Fluorescent DNA Gels Vertical and Blue Excitation

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<< One can hardly do better than effectively avoiding both staining and
 destaining altogether. Have you used this method with polyacrylamide as
 I like the idea of repeatedly using the same gel-- I think our present
 vertical minigel apparatus would not allow the required reassembly as
 currently configured, unless one had non-fluorescent and UV transparent
 plates, to allow UV excitation and photography directly through the
 glass. Are you using a horizontal slab apparatus? Or is there a vertical
 unit that allows for facile multiple photographs/runs?
There are two possibilities for vertical gel work so you can keep the extra
resolution that this format gives over subcells.

The one is to contact Gel Company for UV transparent plates--they make all
replacement plates for vertical gel systems including sequencing at a lower
cost than getting from Bio-Rad or Pharmacia or ABI.  They are at
gelcompany at aol.com

The second is to contact Alsbyte1 at earthlink.com.  This company has a new
patent-pending blue light box that gives equivalent sensitivity on
fluorescent gels.  Now you can see your gels though glass plates.  You can
also view your subgels without UV glasses.

Walt Schick

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