Anti-DIG fluorescein

Brendan Scott brendans at
Mon Aug 18 23:37:44 EST 1997


We have been trying to use anti-DIG fluorescein antibodies from Boehringer
Mannheim to detect DIG-labelled probes hybridised to RNA.  We haven't been
able to get it to work at all, in spite of fiddling with a variety of
conditions.  When we asked Boehringer Mannheim's Australian distributors
about our problems, they gave us a list of other people in Australia who
have been able to get it to work.  However, when we contacted six (6)
separate groups working with these antibodies on B-M's list, we found that
NONE of them could get it to work!

If there is anyone out there, in Australia or (especially) overseas who has
been able to get these antibodies to work?  What are we all doing wrong in
this country?  We would really appreciate being able to talk to someone
about this who has succeeded where we have failed.

Brendan Scott

P.S.  No attachments to any companies, B-M or otherwise.  We just want to
know what we are doing wrong.

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