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Mon Aug 18 22:59:09 EST 1997

PLEASE TAKE A LITTLE TIME READ THIS MESSAGE for yourself & for your family

If you are not familiar with or haven't  heard about  Mega$Nets, "The Money Making Software" you have got to consider this... 
This software program should not easily  be dismissed by anyone who has looked at it and studied its content.
The program's potential is incredible and it is TAKING THE INTERNET BY STORM. It has only begun to snowball.
I know I can't convince you of anything in a couple of sentences so... DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and check out what I am talking about and then decide for yourself. 

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There you can download and try out for FREE the Mega$Nets business franchise software. It has 
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Open your mind to the potential of what this business has to offer you.  So--in closing--  I have done my part.  You have now been made aware of an opportunity of a lifetime. The rest is up to you. 

Alan @ Mako Marketing

If this email has bothered you I am truly sorry to have disturbed you. I was just hoping to pass on  some good fortune that someone was polite enough to have shared with me. IF YOU WISH TO BE REMOVED FROM OUR LIST YOU HAVE NO NEED TO RESPOND.  THIS COMPANY ONLY INTENDS TO EMAIL THIS ONE TIME.

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