Help???How to cip treatment with blunt-end vector???

Hiranya Roychowdhury hroychow at NMSU.EDU
Wed Aug 20 10:32:10 EST 1997

At 09:46 PM 8/18/97 GMT, Rick Davis wrote:

>>Sorry for wasting such precious net time. I know that it could be better 
>>used saving lives...(intense sarcasm)
>>chuck miller
>>oravaxcm at
>You're quite correct, Chuck-it was a waste of time to post your
>reponse, but not for the reason you cited. Dr. Puppychow's
>reply was so rude and inappropriate that it did not even merit
>any kind of response from any of us.

I am not sure whether you subscribe to this newsgroup out of professional
necessity or just to satisfy your curiosity. Whatever the case, you
defininitely lack education (I didn't say literacy, mind you). Your calling
me "Puppycow", an obvious allusion to my last name, is unbecoming of any
educated person and of a person of any 'Culture'. And that is why I did not
mind as much. However, I thought, at the outside possibility that you might
be pursuing some sort of a carreer and are associated with some
college/university, that I should at least attempt to show you the "wrong"
in your posting. Who knows, may be you will think twice next time before
caricaturing somebody else's name. Indeed, it does take a life-time
(sometimes a few generations) to be truly educated and cultured. 
        Now to explain my original post: Had the person explained what
problem s/he were having, it would not have generated the response it had
from me. Just asking "blunt-end CIPing" is unproductive. Too many use the
internet as a substitute for honest researching at the library, and this one
surely sounded like that to me. The question posed was not "dumb", but it
was, as phrased, absolutely "lazy". 
        The person has, since then, written back and actually explained the
problem in greater detail, and I am trying to help. 

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