E.coli vs Haemorphilus influenza

Edgar Valencia edgar at CIFN.UNAM.MX
Wed Aug 20 16:37:54 EST 1997

> Dear Netters,
> I'm doing a knockout experiment in Haemophilus with E coli plasmid which
> contain antibiotic cassettee. B/c E.coli is so close to Haemophilus
> genetically, I'm afraid E coli plasmid works in Haemophilus. Does anybody
> there have any idea about this?
> Thank you in advance
> Richard

I think the question about whether the plasmid will work in Haemophilus
doesn't depend on how close is to E. coli, but  which replication
origin does the plasmid has. Some plasmids like pRK2 will "work" (ie
replicate) in almost any bacteria doesnt matter how close they are.

Hope this helps

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