wizard prep'ed DNA

Lely Chow lelyc at u.washington.edu
Fri Aug 22 17:51:45 EST 1997


We have using wizard preps to transfect, but our method of transfection is
with biolistics, so this may not reflect efficiency of transfection using
your method.  The quality of the prep is very important, and it is
possible that the wizard preps are not good enough.  I have been told that
cesium preps are the gold standard. On the other hand I have also heard
that if you do enough washes with Qiagen preps that that will help to get
rid of contaminants such as lipopolysaccharides which are cytotoxic.
Also, I would try not to overgrow your cultures...this will help to keep
your DNA clean.  Use lower volumes of culture in your columns as well, so
as not to overload them.

Hope this helps.


On 7 Aug 1997, Sophie Snitkovsky wrote:

> hello,
> 	i'm doing maxi preps of dna to use it for transfection of
> mammalian cells.  i have been using LiCl/PEG preps before but they aren't
> working great for me now. so i'm just wondering if anybody have used dna
> purified using wizard system for transfection?
> thanks,
> sophie

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