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: > When opening microcentrifuge tubes with my thumb, I find it difficult to
: > avoid touching the inner seal on the lid of the tube. I have not been
: > able to locate a supplier of tube openers in the U.S. USB no longer sell
: > them. I've ckecked with Fisher, VWR, Robbin Scientific, etc. Does anyone
: > know of a supplier in the U.S.? If none could be found, I'm thinking
: > about asking our fabrication center to make some using aluminum (so that
: > it can be sterilized or made RNase free by baking). Making several at
: > one time would be cheaper. Anyone else interested?
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Give Kew Scientific a try.  They're in Columbus, Ohio, at (614) 231-3685,
or at least they used to be.  Five years ago I bought a number of their
"popper toppers" (about $1 each, at most), which we stil use.  They're a
little flexible, which I've found makes them much easier to use than other
models I've tried (though it's hard to beat the good old ejector

Mark Solomon
Yale University

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