Help???How to cip treatment with blunt-end vector???

C.Rodemer c.rodemer at
Fri Aug 22 04:43:05 EST 1997

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> Well, you can get away with cutting corners once in a while, but sooner
> or later it comes back to bite you. No doubt your own forthcoming recipe
> compilation will be far superior.

Its the old problem : "We've done it 20years like that, so its good." Dont
you think there's sometimes a improvement in the protocols necessary ?
> You're a cloning stud!  However, since the original poster didn't say
> what restriction enzyme he was using for blunting, I thought it best to
> send him the "long" procedure since Cip isn't always fully active in all
> restriction enzyme buffers.

Yes, its ok, it wasnt meant as a criticism or insulting you. 
> Way to go, ace! Looks like next year's Nobel is a lock for ya.

Don't be ironic. Ive got problems enough, so let me celebrate  a little
bit of success...


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