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> When opening microcentrifuge tubes with my thumb, I find it difficult to
> avoid touching the inner seal on the lid of the tube. I have not been
> able to locate a supplier of tube openers in the U.S. USB no longer sell
> them. I've ckecked with Fisher, VWR, Robbin Scientific, etc. Does anyone

As far as I know Robbins Scientific still sells a plastic opener with each
bag of tubes. They may not sell it separately, so just buy one bag and
you'll have your opener. This opener also works with other brands of tubes,
which is good because I no longer use their 1.5 ml tubes since they changed
the design recently, making them easier to open (and easier to accidentally
come open and leak after multiple openings and closings). IMHO the best
thing about the Robbins tubes was that they closed very tightly, a good
thing when performing IP's with radioactive samples. I think the 0.5 ml
tubes haven't changed--I'm still using those. 

P.S. I don't think anyone is going to make much money selling a new tube opener.


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