In-Gel Tryptic Digest

JJ Miranda atlantis at
Mon Aug 25 16:10:00 EST 1997

Hi all, time for a quick survey.  Our lab performs in-gel
tryptic digests based on the protocols found in :
Rosenfeld et al Anal. Biochem. (1992) 203, 173-179 and
Hellman et al Anal. Biochem. (1995) 224, 451-455

I was just wondering if anyone out there has also tried to
modify these protocols and what results you have had.
Specifically in the areas of trypsin to protein ration and
choosing which (if any) organic solvents to wash with.  Any
other changes would also be interesting.

Have you found any changes that praticularly improve sample
reccovery?  Another interest is the avoidance of any protein
modifications as our samples are later used for mass
spectrometric analysis.

Thanks in advance!

Sincere regards,
JJ Miranda

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