Automated sequencer maintenance?

H. Allen Sylvester asylvest at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Mon Aug 25 10:14:32 EST 1997

Dear Shiao,
	There is almost no user maintenance required for the Pharmacia 
ALFexpress.  We have had one since last October and are very happy with 
it.  It is used by a scientist (me) with no previous sequencing 
experience and a technician for another scientist.  You should be able to 
learn to use the sequencer yourself with no trouble.
	An important question for you to answer is how many samples will 
you be wanting to run.  The ALFexpress is very suitable for the number of 
samples we want to run.  We have more of a bottleneck with access to PCR 
machines for sample prep.  However, it is not a machine for a core 
facility with HEAVY use and the resources for a dedicated tech.
	Let me know if you have any other questions.
H. Allen Sylvester, USDA, ARS, Honey Bee Lab, Baton Rouge, LA

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