episomal vectors

Ashok Aiyar aiyar at ebv.oncology.wisc.edu
Mon Aug 25 08:37:41 EST 1997

On Mon, 25 Aug 1997 23:41:58 -0600,
Wensheng Chen (wensheng at leland.stanford.edu) wrote:
>I am looking for an episomal vector that can replicate in mouse cell
>lines but does require a prior transfection of cells with genes such as
>SV40 large T antigen. The goal is to do expression cloning with
>libraries made in such vector. Unfortunately the literature has been
>filled with EBV-based vectors in this kind of experiments. Can anyone
>provide me with clues as to where to find it? Thanks so much.

EBV oriP vectors do not replicate as episomes in rodent cell lines.  
However, Michele Calos at Stanford has made vectors that are hybrids 
between oriP and human chromosomal sequences.  Her group has published 
on multiple occasions that these hybrid plasmids replicate as stable 
episomes in both human and rodent cell lines.

Michele is in the Department of Genetics at Stanford, so it should be
relatively easy for you to obtain these plasmids.

Ashok Aiyar, Ph.D.
McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research
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