What orange or yellow dye to use in DNA electrophoresis?

John Richard Seavitt jrseavit at artsci.wustl.edu
Wed Aug 27 12:58:16 EST 1997

On 27 Aug 1997, David N. Levy wrote:

> I cannot remember which yellow or orange dyes can be used to make a
> loading buffer for agarose electrophoresis.

Try Orange G - also called Acid Orange 10 - (Sigma O1625).  It runs very
fast (50-100bp) in TBE 1% agarose, and it's quite bright.  We use it at
about 0.1% or so (add salt and pepper to taste).  Depending on what you're
looking for, there's also Cresol Red (Sigma C7524) that I normally use red
(pH 8.4) but could also be yellow (pH7.0 or so).  It runs significantly
higher (1-2kB, I think).

John Seavitt

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