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> I would like to use an extraction protocole for genomic DNA of human cells
> without organic extraction (no phenol-no chloroform).
> I tried one method which says to digest the cells with K proteinase
> (100µg/ml), during 1 hour at 60°C and then during 16 hours at 37°C. 
> After that I added Na Acetate (100mM final concentration) and two volumes
> of ethanol. I began to see the DNA and when I mixed gently: it
> dissapeared...
> Please if you have used, with success, a protocole to extract genomic DNA
> without Phenol/chloroform, send it to me with the exact conditions.
Dear Laurent,
here people always use this protocol and it works really good for almost
any restriction digests to do southerns:
Laird, P. W., Zijderveld, A., Linders, K., Rudnicki, M. A., Jaenisch, R.
and Berns, A. (1991). Simplified mammalian DNA isolation procedure.
Nucleic Acids Res, 19, 4293.


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