anti (HIS)6 antibodies

Thomas Urbig at
Thu Aug 28 08:40:59 EST 1997

Hi everybody,

we would like to use an antibody in order to detect the HIS-tag of our
recombinant proteins in Western Blots. We already used the Quiagen
antibody, not knowing that it works only with their set of overexpression
vectors (since it recognizes a different epitope only present in their
designed vectors). We saw in several catalgs antibodies against
(putativly) only the HIS6 epitope, is this true? Could anybody share their
experiences with these antibodies (e.g. Clontechs etc). Has anybody
compared several different ones. If so, which one gave the best signals or
were they comparable.

Thanks in advance


Thomas Urbig
Urbig at

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