5' end labeling

Chihara chihara at usfca.edu
Wed Aug 27 20:28:56 EST 1997

cfb7 at psu.edu wrote:
> I want to do a Southern hybridization using an oligo probe that is very
> short (25 bases), yet very specific.  How much would I need to end
> label relative to the amount I usually random-primed label (50 ng of
> 700 bp)?  The Promega protocol book says to use <10 pmol, but they must
> mean if the probe is longer?  Thanks, C-
> Christie Blackman          cfb7 at psu.edu
> Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
> Penn State University
> University Park, PA
I did something very similar with a 20 b probe and used 100 pmoles. 
Worked find.

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