What orange or yellow dye to use in DNA electrophoresis?

Ed Stephenson estephen at biology.as.ua.REMOVETHIS.edu
Thu Aug 28 13:53:08 EST 1997

Lou Cantolupo wrote:

> Does anyone know of any other colors to run on a gel, mainly between
> xylene cyanol and bromo blue?  I'm trying to make a spectrum of dyes
> just for fun!  <the boss doesn't know about this!!!!>

Fast green FCF runs between BPB and xylene cyanol. It's also useful as a
pH indicator: at pH<8, FG FCF will be "greener" than XC, but at pH>8 it
turns to the same blue color as XC. This is a useful running dye to
include in glyoxal gels, where you want to make sure the pH doesn't get
above 8, since that allows glyoxal dissociation from RNA and possible
RNA renaturation.

Ed Stephenson

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