A-tailing of PCR products

Ulrich Maier maieru at uni-muenster.de
Fri Aug 29 02:52:23 EST 1997

cfb7 at psu.edu wrote:

>I am using a degenerate PCR strategy to amplify fragments of expressed
>members of a subfamily of genes; I am ligating the products into a
>T-vector.  I use a 15' 72C incubation at the end of the PCR cycles to
>add the A-tails.  Is this sufficient to add A-tails to my products or
>should I purify the products and A-tail them in a subsequent reaction
>in which dATP is the only nucleotide available?  Thanks, C-

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IMHO it is not necessary to make a final extension step for adding a
A-tail to your PCR-product. Even without this step ~80% of your
product should be tailed if you are using a polymerase without proof
reading activity.


Ulrich Maier

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