rep. Idaho Tech Rapid Cycler - opinions?

rabc010 at S1.CXWMS.AC.UK rabc010 at S1.CXWMS.AC.UK
Fri Aug 29 09:38:54 EST 1997

We are using this cycler with great success. It is good, if you 
want to use for non-radioactive PCR. As it uses tubes working with
radioactivity can be a mess resulting in high contamination of the
cycler. it also uses high concentration of Mg2++ biffer so you
have to optimize your conditions, another component of the buffer is
high conc. of BSA without it amplification is not efficient as DNA
get stuck with the capillary tube. But this is a great machine, you
can amplify your product in 30 min. You can check the site on the web- 
I hope this will be quite useful

Narendra kaushik
Neuroscience Research Group,
Charing Cross & Westminster Medical School. 
email nkaushik at

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