Genomic DNA extraction

Rick Bright rbright at
Fri Aug 29 19:47:38 EST 1997

I have personally modified several previously published extractions protocols
and developed a single protocol that extracts genomic DNA from whole blood in
under 2 hours.  It is non-toxic (no phenol or chloroform) and produces a very
pure product without using any further purifications steps.  IT also yeilds
approx 100ug of DNA from 5 ml of whole blood.  The only problem is that I have
not published it yet, and have since changed labs and am without the guidance
to publish the protocol.  I would be happy to share it, but would also
appreciate assistance in getting it into publication.

Email me if you want further information.

Rick Bright
rbright at

Laurent GALIO wrote:

> I would like to use an extraction protocole for genomic DNA of human cells
> without organic extraction (no phenol-no chloroform).
> I tried one method which says to digest the cells with K proteinase
> (100µg/ml), during 1 hour at 60°C and then during 16 hours at 37°C.
> After that I added Na Acetate (100mM final concentration) and two volumes
> of ethanol. I began to see the DNA and when I mixed gently: it
> dissapeared...
> Please if you have used, with success, a protocole to extract genomic DNA
> without Phenol/chloroform, send it to me with the exact conditions.
> Thanks...
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