Genomic DNA extraction

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Dear Laurent,

>I tried one method which says to digest the cells with K proteinase
>(100=B5g/ml), during 1 hour at 60=B0C and then during 16 hours at 37=B0=
>After that I added Na Acetate (100mM final concentration) and two volu=
>of ethanol. I began to see the DNA and when I mixed gently: it

someone once told me to do the same (without the Na Acetate-etOH step),
centrifuge to get rid of the debris, put the supernatant in another=20
tube and add 1 vol of isopropanol.  You'll see the DNA like you say,
but won't dissapear as easily.  The trick is to pick it up with a tip
or something, put it in another tube and resuspend it in whatever you
Hope it helps (I think I might have a ref. somewhere, but I'd have to
search real hard.  Let me know if you want it).=20


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