Digital camera for electrophoresis

D.Larkin dlarkin at
Fri Aug 29 16:16:43 EST 1997

Our lab obtained a demo version of the Kodak DC-40.  The system
functioned adequately but we weren't impressed with the $2000 price tag
for the image analysis software that you are required to buy in order to
set the appropriate exposure time.  Basically, the software does the
same analyses as NIH Image AND sets the exposure time.  We didn't buy
the system because  it appeared over priced.  However, when we tried to
return the demo unit virtually no one at Kodak digital imaging division
new what address we should return it to, or to whom at Kodak.  Normally
we have had reasonable customer support from Kodak, but our experience
with the digital imaging division was poor.  Did they mention they are
discontinuing this camera?
Good luck in your search.  If you find a good alternative, please let us

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