Digital camera for electrophoresis

Chihara chihara at
Fri Aug 29 22:56:22 EST 1997

D.Larkin wrote:
> Our lab obtained a demo version of the Kodak DC-40.  The system
> functioned adequately but we weren't impressed with the $2000 price tag
> for the image analysis software that you are required to buy in order to
> set the appropriate exposure time.  Basically, the software does the
> same analyses as NIH Image AND sets the exposure time.  We didn't buy
> the system because  it appeared over priced.  However, when we tried to
> return the demo unit virtually no one at Kodak digital imaging division
> new what address we should return it to, or to whom at Kodak.  Normally
> we have had reasonable customer support from Kodak, but our experience
> with the digital imaging division was poor.  Did they mention they are
> discontinuing this camera?
> Good luck in your search.  If you find a good alternative, please let us
> know.

We have been scanning our gels with a flatbed scanner and then we can print them 
from photoshop or scan them with NIH image.  Works pretty well. And lots cheaper 
than a camera. 
Good luck

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