spleen-specific adhesion molecules

Sergej G. Kuznetsov sergej at sk1348.spb.edu
Sun Aug 31 12:02:00 EST 1997

Could anybody recommend a murine SPLEEN specific adhesion molecule?

Our goal is to investigate the process of antibody affinity maturation
using hybridoma cells against FITC as a model. But the first step is
to make hybridoma cells migrate into spleen. Being injected into mouse'
blood these cells generate tumour nodules mostly in spleen and liver (as
one could predict). How to make them migrating chiefly to spleen?

IDEA: As hybridomas are "normal" malignant cells they have may be only
a few adhesion molecules. Thus they have no preference where to settle.
May be we could transform these cells with a construction bearing a gene
or it's part of murine spleen specific adhesion molecule to direct cells
to spleen?

Can anybody relate any information on such molecules? Any recommendations
will be highly appreciated. Tanks in advance.


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