Western analysis of lex A fuion protein

Dooyeon Kim dykim at bioneer.kaist.ac.kr
Mon Dec 1 21:37:31 EST 1997

Hi, netters.

I have a problem doing a western blot analysis of lex A fusion protein

in yeast. I used the Santacruz Lab's polyclonal lex A peptide antibody(N17)

but got the many background bands (it is not certain whether the fusion protein

is presen or not, because of many fuzzy bands).

Please advise me to solve the problem.

We suspect that the antibodies purchase from Santacruz Labs were not good conditions.

But also it may possible that the proteolysis of the yeast lysate during the extraction


Is there anyone to have the good antibodies specific for lex A protein?
I will be waiting for the advices.

Thanx in advance.



KAIST, Daejon Korea.                     Dooyeon Kim ......................
                                         dykim at bioneer.kaist.ac.kr

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