DNA fragment isolation

Rachel N. Fish rfish at ocf.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Dec 1 19:31:17 EST 1997

  I am making DNA templates by PCR amplification to be used in
transcription.  I have two major concerns.  1) The effects of UV on my
fragment.  UV has been shown to have an effect on transcription.  Hence, I
would like to minimize (or do away with!) such exposure.  2) High
efficiency recovery.  Since these templates are a major part of my
research, I would like to make enough to last for awhile.
  After running my PCR samples on an agarose gel, I have tried
electroelution, QIAgen, GeneClean, all with varying (and sometimes very
low) results. 
  Does anyone have any suggestions?  If this question has already been
answered, I apologize for the repeat, but I'm new to this group.  I tried
searching the archives but didn't come up with anything quite appropriate.
  Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  -Rachel Fish
   rfish at ocf.berkeley.edu

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