Library construction -- mechanical shearing

Shaun Tyler styler at HWC.CA
Mon Dec 1 19:11:54 EST 1997

I=92m interested in sequencing a 40 kb plasmid (a native one not a clone)
for which I have a limited amount of material and no restriction map.=20
Since what I have was hard to come by I=92m hesitant to waste it in
establishing a restriction map in order to subclone more manageable
fragments.  Our sequencing capabilities are not a limiting factor so I
was thinking of using a shotgun approach with randomly sheared material
for a library and then closing the gaps by PCR and primer walking.=20
Unfortunately I have been unable to find any protocols for preparing
mechanically sheared DNA.  I know people occasionally use this method
for preparing genomic libraries but I=92m not sure how effective this
would be on something relatively small like a 40 kb plasmid.  Any input
would be greatly appreciated.

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