help for address

최웅 khlee at MED.CHUNGBUK.AC.KR
Tue Dec 2 08:13:50 EST 1997

Dear Netters:

<P>Does anybody tell me E-mail address or Fax number for
<BR>Dr. Indrapal N. Singh&nbsp; &amp; Dr. Julian N. Kanfer,
<BR>who are in Dept. of Biochem. &amp; Molecular Biol.,
<BR>Univ. of Manitoba, Canada.

<P>Thank you in advance.

<P>Woong Choi, M.D.
<BR>wchoi at
<BR>Fax +82-431-272-1603
<BR>Dept. of Pharmacology, College of Medicine, Chungbuk Nat'l Univ.

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