Seeking info on bacteria strain CJ236

Ralf Oltmanns Biologist at
Tue Dec 2 12:12:02 EST 1997

Kirstin Therese Bopp wrote:

> I am trying to isolate single stranded DNA for use in site directed
> mutagenisis.  I am using the bacteria strain CJ236 and cannot seem to
> prevent it from lysing and contaminating my prep with genomic DNA.  Does
> anybody have any information on the growth conditions of this strain or
> suggestions on how to prevent it from lysing.
> Thanks,
> Kirstin

 Hi Kirstin,

you might have a look at the Website of the DSMZ (Germany Collection of
Microorganisms), especially page

You could also give the a call (see: or ask the by email
(dsmz at  The should know how to cultivate their own critters.


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