Any plant FISH Experts?

C. S. Prakash Prakash at ACD.TUSK.EDU
Wed Dec 3 14:02:12 EST 1997

A friend of mine Dr. Maria Ragland of Research Genetics Inc. is
intersted in talking to scientists who are experts in
Flourescence In Situ Hybridization of plant choromosomes.
If you are that person or know who has that background,
could you please ask them to contact Dr. Ragland directly at
Maria Ragland <mragland at ResGen.COM>


Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 14:41:01 -0600
From: Maria Ragland <mragland at ResGen.COM>
Subject: As was Discussed...
To: "'Prakash at'" <Prakash at Acd.Tusk.Edu>
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  I am trying to locate a few plant cytogeneticists who are expert in FISH
(fluorescence insitu hybridization) to ask numerous questions as to what
products they would find useful for the work.  I would appreciate your
assistance in this matter.


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