Liquid nitrogen and glassware

John Richard Seavitt jrseavit at
Wed Dec 3 13:28:49 EST 1997

On 2 Dec 1997, Michael Allen wrote:

> I would like to grind single Arabidopsis leaves in a conical glass tube and
> pestle set for the extraction of total RNA.  Will it stand up to liquid
> nitrogen, or am I just looking to break expensive glassware?

The latter, but we routinely put tissue samples into an aluminium foil
wrap, plop into LN2, and quickly give a few taps with a hammer. 
Pulverized tissue is then easy to transfer directly into pestle with cold
lysis buffer, and freezing/pulverizing helps lyse quickly and gets all
your RNAses denatured and inactive. 

John Seavitt 

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