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> Hi Everybody:
> If there is anyone can help me for my RNA probe? I need RNA probe for
> RNase protection asssay. I use MAXIscript Kit from Ambion. Nether SP6 nor
> T7 work no matter my template or positive control template. If someone can
> tell me what the problem I have.

Dear Yang Li,

If you have a problem with an Ambion product, call Ambion. That's what
tech service is there for. Every product we sell is 100% guaranteed for 6
months from date of receipt. No one else on this newsgroup is going to
fix your problem or replace your kit for you.

tech service : 1-800-888-8804
e-mail techserv at

Eric Lader Ph.D.
Senior R&D Scientist
Ambion, Inc.

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